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The Metaverse, SuperApps, & Mini Programs: Selling into Asia

May 17, 2022 at 4PM EST

Digital Crew
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What's the Metaverse?

What's a Super App?

Where's the intersection of the Metaverse & a Super App?

How do you shop and make a purchase in the Metaverse?

Mini Programs deliver a unique engagement opportunity to personalize and localize a shopping experience in Super Apps for western brands selling to Asian consumers.

We will discuss the best practices for building a successful Mini Program with integrated cross-border payments and logistical support, that facilitates the delivery of your merchandise to your consumers' front door in Asia.

Presented By:
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Mason Lin: Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur in Fintech with a successful exit. Member of Darkhorse Lab 15 and Chucheng-a business school in the Alibaba ecosystem.

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One Integration to
All Global Digital Wallets

Through our established strategic partnerships with leading global digital wallets, Pockyt facilitates access to over 4 billion global shoppers for our merchant partners.

Reach billions of global shoppers by accepting payments from the leading global digital wallets, both online and in-store.

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Reheen Guin: Director & Co-Founder

Co-Founder at Digital Crew® an Award Winning Multicultural Digital Agency with offices in Sydney, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Mumbai and New York.

Helping Global Brands grow in Asia via native digital channels.

Digital Crew

Multicultural Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Crew is a multi award-winning multicultural digital agency with offices in New York, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Sydney, Malta, and Mumbai. We specialize in Chinese, English, Japanese and Hindi Digital Marketing services.

We help brands target audiences in local and international markets by generating leads, improve user engagement, raise brand visibility, increase sales, and build successful partnerships.