Prohibited Businesses List

There are specific categories of businesses and business practices for which the Pockyt Services cannot be used. Note that this list may be updated from time to time without notice.

  1. All religious websites, publication or accessories
  2. Anesthetic, psychotropic or prescription medicine; illegal unregistered medicine
  3. Aphrodisiac
  4. Archaeological and cultural relics
  5. Batons and electric batons
  6. Cashback from Alipay account
  7. Charitable Organizations
  8. Counterfeit currency
  9. Counterfeit or replica food products
  10. Crowd funding
  11. Crude oil
  12. Donation
  13. Espionage equipment and accessories
  14. Fetal gender determination
  15. Financial products and services
  16. Fireworks and firecrackers
  17. Foreign exchange services
  18. Gambling
  19. Gambling devices and accessories
  20. Gold investment
  21. Hacking services or accessories
  22. Human organs
  23. Illegal or un-registered fund-raising activities
  24. Illegal political products and publications
  25. Illegal political program channels
  26. Illegal publication of certificates or carving of stamps
  27. Illegal sale of financial information (e.g. bank accounts, bank cards)
  28. Illegally obtained proceeds or properties as result of crime
  29. Insurance products and platforms
  30. Lock picking tools and accessories
  31. Lottery
  32. Lucky draws
  33. Malwares
  34. Military or police equipment
  35. Mutual Funds
  36. Narcotics and related accessories
  37. Online cemeteries and ancestor worshipping
  38. Online sale of medical services, including medical consulting, hypnotherapy, plastic surgery
  39. Online sale of tobaccos and cigarettes
  40. Pawn services
  41. Payment by installments service
  42. Peer to peer (P2P) lending services
  43. Poisonous or hazardous chemicals
  44. Pornographic and vulgar audio visual products, channels, and publications
  45. Pornographic and vulgar erotic services
  46. Protected species
  47. Pyramid schemes
  48. Real estate
  49. Rebate or cashback services
  50. Sale of animals, plants or products originating from areas declared with an epidemic outbreak of contagious diseases
  51. Sale of animals, plants or products with contagious and hazardous diseases
  52. Sales of distribution of event tickets without license (e.g. Olympic Games or World Expo tickets)
  53. Sales of personal information (e.g. identity card information)
  54. Satellites antennas
  55. Seeds
  56. Services or products facilitating unlawful public gathering
  57. Services or products that infringe on personal privacy (e.g. online activity monitoring)
  58. Services to facilitate plagiarism and examination fraud
  59. Single-purpose prepaid cards (including gift cards and other stored value cards)
  60. Smuggled goods
  61. Software or products related to trading of financial products and information
  62. State secret documents and information
  63. Stock and securities
  64. Surrogacy services
  65. Trading in invoices issued within the Peoples’ Republic of China
  66. Trading or distribution of currency (both RMB and foreign currencies)
  67. Trading or sale of virtual currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin)
  68. Video chatting services
  69. Weapons of all types (including daggers, firearms and accessories, replica weapons, ammunitions, and explosives)