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Merchant Portal Logging In

How to log into your Pockyt Merchant Portal

Logging into your Pockyt Portal allows you to view your customer behavior, historical transactions and download reports to create a better shopping experience. Logging in is simple!


  • Open a web browser (preferably Google Chrome), go to pockyt.io
  • In the upper right hand, select "Login"

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 10.31.51 AM

  • Enter your email used during the initial signup (In your activation email)
    • Select the “Role”
    • Select “Merchant”
    • If you only have 1 store, you will only have access to that store only. If you have multiple stores, you will be able to view all stores within this view
  • Use the password created during the initial signup (This is through the first email sent post-activation)