Dig into your business's performance and customer insights

The Dashboard section gives you a birds-eye view of your business growth, customer usage and latest announcements. Use this reporting to see any collective data points, aggregate by your date of choice.

  •  2021 Sales Growth; Reflects total payment volume by month (day over day) or by year (month over month) for the current year
  • Sales Revenue: Reflect total payment volume by month or year 
  • Payment Method Usage: Captures total number of payment methods used by customers and how much payment volume was incurred by that method. Toggle over the method type for further insight.
  • Latest Announcements: View all the historical announcements by clicking “Announcement List” or the latest announcement under the “Announcement” tab.  
      • If the Pockyt Platform as a platform, business or feature update or disruption, you will be able to view them here.